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Heartfelt Leadership

The Essence of Leadership Leadership is a broad concept, one that holds varying significance for different people. However, in its most basic form, leadership can be defined as the ability to influence others towards achieving a common goal. This simple definition, however, does not capture the true essence of what

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Relationships with Ourselves #Matter

Lately, I’ve been thinking about our relationship with ourselves being one of the most important relationships we will ever have. So often, we focus on making sure that we fill the cups of others. We inadvertently neglect to make time to commune with ourselves. It occurred to me today that

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Let's turn to positive mindsets to overcome our experiences.

Together in Healing: Building a Safe Haven for Resilience and Hope

Our positive energy can change the trajectory of any situation. Today, I want you to acknowledge the same ability within yourselves. The ability to draw the positive from any challenging situation in your life doesn’t just belong to me; it’s yours too. No one told us this journey would be easy, and they sure never told us that it would be this difficult. Now that we know, let’s lean on each other in this safe place we’ve created for ourselves. I promise to meet you here often to discuss our journey. Until then, continue to focus on The Matters of YOUR Heart!

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