Dreams as Anchors: Finding Strength and Renewal in the Face of Adversity

I’ve always been a dreamer. The most undeniable , accurate moments of clarity were produced when I discovered the power of dreaming. Until the day I woke up from a medically induced coma, I had never been in a crisis where I had no choice but to rely on the commitment of others to help my dreams become reality. Unbeknownst to me, I had been away from the helm for weeks. The last thing I remembered was not feeling well . I thought, If I could just go home, go to bed and dream, I would feel better. Friends, in my mind, I was one dream away from a different scenario .

I was ten days postpartum, looking forward to crushing every obstacle set before me. Suddenly, my heart attacked me. Within seconds, my life changed forever.

According to research, “REM sleep helps reduce the emotional tone of our memories.This means, when something stressful or traumatic happens to us, the REM phase of sleep helps gradually decrease our emotional response to that event.”It helps us process and consolidate our emotions. Resting easy and dreaming can help revive your approach to life.

There may be times you want to throw in the towel and abort your mission. This journey we’re on requires physical and emotional stamina. When you feel as though you have nothing left , dare to dream. Dream of the day where there is nothing missing and nothing broken.

Friends, I promise to meet you here often in this safe place we’ve created for ourselves. . Until then, Dare to Dream!



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